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A warm welcome to Team Holiday. 

How do we consistently create fabulous trips for our clients? 

Here, you might expect us to go on about our passion for travel. But we offer something more valuable than that.

We’re talented at what we do because we’re expert in all of the unique travel questions, concerns, or challenges you’re having right now as you think--and dream--about your next trip. 

We bring perspective.

And that means we can guide you well.

That place you want to go? Either we’ve been there ourselves or have sent many clients there. We know the options and gems, and can steer you away from the duds. We’ve asked all the right questions on your behalf, including the ones you wouldn’t have thought to ask.

Enhancing our state-side team, we’re supported by a human-powered network of top-notch, vetted destination specialists on the ground around the world. That means access to experiences you can’t find elsewhere--and a trip as unique as you.

And we’re with you, even after you take off. You’ll have easy access to all your travel documents accessible in our app right on your phone, and be able to reach your consultant by cell or text if you need to tweak anything en route. Smooth travel is what we’re after.

Ready to take the first step in making your trip real? Give us a call. We’re here to help. 

(480) 998-1112

Our Staff


Diane Baskind


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Travel Specialist

Kristen Harman

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Hilarie Brown

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Heather Costello

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Angelica Berwick

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Brian Forrester

Military Reunion and Travel Specialist

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Bill Adams


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Outside Agents

Alana Wallace

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Tess Powers

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Theresa Murry

Travel Consultant/Specialist

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Why Use a Travel Consultant

On the fence about employing our services, because you're independent, an avid researcher, or know you have highly-refined tastes and style?

To help you out, here are the three most common hesitations we hear, along with what we know to be true.

  1. "I can do this on my own." Perhaps, but not as well as us. We save you time, second guessing, and mistakes, so travel planning goes from chore to joy. We've got insider access + well-vetted vendors, guides, and destination specialists. We can also call in favors when needed. Ask us sometime about how Team H got a cruise ship captain from Norwegian Cruise lines to wait at port in Vietnam, for a traveler to join the trip late.

  2. "There's no way you know me (tastes, interests, preferences, desires, concerns) as well as I do." We get to know you. Years of experience means we know how to ask the few right questions to learn what we need to know, so you end up with a travel experience that fits like a glove. We're playing the long game here--our clients are our greatest asset and we never recommend a destination, tour, or vendor that isn't right for you.

  3. "This is going to be too much money, and way more than I'd otherwise pay." Here we'd have to say that travel consultants or agents haven't done a good job as an industry. The misunderstanding boils down to this: folks don't realize they pay a commission even when they buy direct from a cruise/tour vendor. And they factor in neither the stress, hassle, and decision fatigue of DIY trip planning, nor the lost vacation time on a trip that's sub-par.


Designing a winning trip begins with you. Your Team Holiday consultant will begin with relaxed, yet focused conversation to discover what you want out of your next trip. We're talking destination, dates, goals, special interests, attractions, constraints, and general mood or energy level (high adventure, or simply relaxing poolside). Your consultant will then take that information, research options on your behalf, and present you select top choices that meet your criteria. From there, our clients love how it's an easy dialogue with their consultant to select the best overall option and refine their itinerary. We pride ourselves on digging deep into the details, yet keeping the process streamlined and feeling light.

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